Bards of the Koad

Bards of the Koad - New CD!

Check out our new album here .

In other news, the band has undergone a few changes. Daniel and I have moved to the great southwest. I don't want to say that the Bards are done - but certainly there won't be any performances in the near future. I remain hopeful that you will continue to see Micheal and Cerrigan performing their original music locally. And you'll see Teresa here and there singing, and playing as she circles with local groups.

It's been a heck of a ride, from our first performance at Pagan Pride way back in 2002 (there were 10 of us then: Susan, Ian, Deb, Carol, Mike, Me, Andrea, Teresa, Jason, Trista (?), and Mike 2) to our most recent performance at the 2011 Women of Wisdom conference and Gaia's Temple in Seattle. We've performed at ATC's Spring Mysteries and at Yulefest, and were regulars at the TERRA Witches Ball and at Pagan Pride. We've been an active group and have felt blessed to be so supported by the community.

I know that I'll miss you all, and our music. So keep our memory alive and listen to our music!

Walk in Beauty